sweet potato vine care

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When to Plant Sweet Potato Vine. Most of the time, the sweet potato plant is planted in the spring. However, depending on your growing zone, it can be planted at other times of year. The one season in which it’s generally not advisable to plant sweet potato vines is the winter. As a tropical plant, it prefers warmer temperatures.

Indoor Sweet Potato Vine Care Tips. Caring for sweet potato vine plants indoors is a bit more difficult than growing them outdoors – especially during the winter. The three most important things you’ll need to worry about for sweet potato vine care indoors are light, watering and pest control.

Ipomoea batatas. Blackie is a popular variety of Sweet Potato, which belongs to the Ipomoea genus ( Ipomoea batatas ‘Blackie’ ). Blooms appear in these approximate colours: Lavender pink. Leaves appear approximately as a Tyrian purple colour. A type of Ornamental, it mainly grows as a Perennial plant – which means it typically grows best.

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Sweet Potato Vine | Costa Farms – Sweet potato vine grows practically anywhere, from full sun to full shade. In hot-summer climates such as Southern Florida, it can struggle in full sun during the hottest months, especially if the soil dries out.

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But regardless of how you use ornamental sweet potato vine, there are a few tricks to the trade to keep it looking its best. The first item to check off when growing ornamental sweet potato vine, is knowing how to select the best plants. In general, there are four different varieties of ornamental sweet potato vine.

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Sweet Potato Care. The plastic holds in moisture and traps heat, helping to give the plants the "tropical" atmosphere they love. Other mulch options include layers of newspaper, leaves, grass clippings, compost or any other organic material that will conserve soil moisture and choke out weeds.

The vines are very low maintenance and drought tolerant, but require basic care to ensure optimal potato growth. Prepare the gardening area. Because sweet potatoes are grown for their underground tubers, use a spade to breakup the soil to a depth of 8 inches or more to allow the tubers adequate room to develop.

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