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White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. Since 1950 we have been providing a wide range of perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, vines, amaryllis, gardening tools & supplies, and gifts for gardeners.

privet shrub Privet | Jung Garden and Flower Seed Company – Privet Hardy Amur river privet item #20582 Buy Me! Hardy and adaptable. These thickly branched and very adaptable shrubs have a glossy green foliage that retains its color and remains on the plant well into fall.

Photosynthesis – The cycle of plants and how they make energy! The sun(light energy), water, minerals and carbon dioxide are all absorbed by the plant.

geranium annual or perennial How to Care for Regal Geraniums | Garden Guides – Regal geraniums, also known as Martha Washington geraniums, are flowering perennials valued for their large, ornamental flowers and ease of care. Plants bloom during late spring, producing flowers in shades of red, white, purple and pink. Each flower usually consists of white and a second color, depending on the variety.

While a swimming pool is already an inviting temptation, adding plants to a pool area creates an oasis that combines natural.

20 Best Full Sun Perennials – Plants & Flowers for Sunny. – For plants that offer plenty of bang for the buck, perennials are the way to go.They attract pollinators, offer structure to your garden, and provide color and texture.

These full sun perennials are perfect! Looking for low maintenance plants with beautiful flowers that will grow well in full sun (even in the South!)? These full sun perennials are perfect! From House To home. entertaining diva. Blogging Resources. Decorate.

crassula campfire Crassula coccinea ‘Campfire’: A small branched plant that has long leaves that can be a brilliant red at certain times of the year. Plenty of sun will help it stay colorful. Given time this can become a large plant if left to grow.oregano flowers Oregano is a must-have in a culinary garden. Its pungent, spicy, slightly bitter flavor pairs well with almost any vegetable preparation. And just as easy to grow as chives, oregano is another go-to for the first-time gardener.

Full sun perennials are easy to care for and come in a huge variety of colors, habits, bloom times, and sizes. When selecting full sun plants, make sure they are suitable for your location.

salvia victoria blue vinca perennial Vinca flowers are suspended over glossy, emerald green foliage. Many cultivars are described as "with eye." These varieties feature one color in the center of the bloom that fades out to a main color.texas superstar plants, descriptions and details. Texas Superstar® – Strong & Stunning Plants for Texans (PDF brochure)

Hollyhocks grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10, and are biennial or perennial in warmer.

TAIGA. Location | Weather | Plants | Animals | People | Links. LOCATION: Taiga, also known as coniferous or boreal forest, is the largest terrestrial biome on earth. It extends in a broad band across North America, Europe, and Asia to the southern border of the arctic tundra.

Stonecrop (Sedum cauticola), hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9, prefers full sun, is low-maintenance and prefers dry to medium.

Varieties include annual wildflowers and deciduous plants. “The Sun House Garden” was build around a glass-enclosed.

Plant breeders have also been working on blending some of the characteristics gardeners love about petunias with other plants. SuperCal, for example, is a hybrid combining the bigger petunia blooms with the interesting colours of calibrachoa.

Planting up Containers for Full Sun // Garden Answer 10 Flowers That Thrive in Full Sun – Southern Living – The Southern sun is no match for these bright beauties. They look good in the summer, spring, or fall, as long as the sun is shining.Plant them as a part of a container, or put them in a beautiful flowerbed.No matter which way you work them; the blossoming blooms are sure to be a stunner.