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Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria Blue’ — ‘Victoria Blue’ Sage Page 3 October 1999 Use and Management Space plants about 12 inches apart to quickly form a solid mass of purple color. Set a mass planting of Blue Salvia in front of a dark green background of foliage from a dense shrub for maximum effect. ‘Victoria Blue’ Salvia also looks nice

dwarf plants Dwarf Plants | Article about Dwarf Plants by The Free Dictionary – plants that are abnormally small for a given species or genus. Dwarf varieties of birch, pine, willow, and fir develop as a result of poor soil or adverse climatic conditions in the arctic and the antarctic, as well as on high mountains.creeping vines Part of the reason why creeping Charlie is invasive and why it is so hard to kill is the variety of ways it has to spread. It spreads both by seeding and by rooting at the nodes that stud its little vines. And you can spread it via mowing without even realizing it unless you mow with a bag attachment.

Salvia: Victoria’ is a tried and true variety with excellent color. How do I change the color of my hydrangea? For bodacious blue, use aluminum sulfate. For pink pizzazz, use lime. 25. How to I.

Perennial Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’ Size: 6" Pot Code: 247-6 exposure: full sun dimensions: 18-24" H x 15-18" W Water: Water regularly until established Blooms: Blue to violet blooms mid Summer to early Fall Fertilizer: Feed with ColorStar 19-13-6 Spacing:

vinca perennial Vinca flowers are suspended over glossy, emerald green foliage. Many cultivars are described as "with eye." These varieties feature one color in the center of the bloom that fades out to a main color.

Texas Superstar plants, descriptions and details. Texas Superstar® – Strong & Stunning Plants for Texans (PDF brochure)

Sage Plant Varieties – Information On Common Types Of Sage. – There are many different types of sage or salvia plants available. They may be either perennial or annual, blooming to non-blooming, but pretty much each of these different types of sage is fairly hardy. Foliage comes in sage green, variegated purple/green, or variegated gold and blossoms range from.

Victoria Blue salvia flowers can be used in cut-flower arrangements, they also dry wonderfully for a longer-lasting display. Salvia farinacea is a hardier plant than its cousin, S. splendens, and may last for several years in mild winters.

Annuals (seldom or rarely damaged): White sweet alyssum, dwarf marigolds, dusty miller, morning glory, Victoria blue salvia, annual vinca, lobelia, snapdragon and zinnia. Annuals to trial test for.

Noteworthy Characteristics. Salvia farinacea, commonly called mealycup sage, is native to Texas and Mexico.It is a shrubby, clump-forming, tender perennial that typically grows 1.5-3‘.

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my mother has been growing blue princess and this variety ‘victoria blue‘ salvias, for many years.They are healthy plants that spread and get larger every year.the leaves on this variety, are exceptionally healthy and the flowers are a beautiful medium favorite color blue salvia however is the ‘black and blue salvia’ however this.

They make fabulous, long lasting cut flowers. When our garden was very young (think, empty) I filled the border with a crop of seed grown white Rocket snapdragons, Victoria Blue salvia and yellow.

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