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How To Grow Different Varieties of Begonias.. I have 2 tuberous begonias, yellow and red. I plant them in separate pots in early spring and set them on top of my picnic table which is on the north side of the garage. They are just beautiful!!! They totally fill the pot and hang over the side.

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How to Grow and Care for Begonia Flowers Perennial, Begoniaceae. Now here’s one of America’s favorite flowers. With lots of variety, Begonias are popular in flowerbeds, hanging baskets, as container plants, and as indoor house plants.

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Big Red with green leaf. begonia ‘big Red Green Leaf’ A showstopper in the garden, this is a no-fuss plant for shade and sun. It offers red flowers and bright green leaves and grows 36 inches tall and wide.

These plants are versatile working in both sun or shade, which makes them a wonderful unifiying plant to use in both sun and shade beds. Unlike older begonias, these are quite vigorous.

oleander shrub If you want to plant your oleander plant outside, you have to prepare your garden’s soil beforehand. Only the fewest soils are naturally made to act as a substrate. If you look for evergreen oleander in nature, you will see that it mostly grows in the flooded areas of riparian zones, which are nutrient-rich and condensed.

Striking red-edged petals make an automatic focal point! You’ll want to plant this begonia in a prominent place! Measuring 6-8" across, the double yellow flowers with fine red-lined edges are absolutely breathtaking.

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Ep 039: Begonia Propagation - Plant One On Me Red Begonia – Direct Gardening – Hanging Basket Begonias have been a favorite at retail stores for years. Now you can grow your own and in the color of your choice! Stunning flowers are fully double and won’t fade over time.

Grow Rex begonia in a medium to bright spot as a houseplant. In Southern regions, it may benefit from a protection from direct sun during the heat of the day, but in Northern regions, some sun on the leaves presents no problem.

Red blooms. These American bred begonias have exceptionally large blooms 4 to 8 inches across, their layers of smooth petals forming full rose-like flowers. Enjoy their beauty as pot plants, in window boxes or in just about any shady location.

Double Begonias provide large rose shaped blooms, and work great for shaded garden beds and container planters. Jazz up your patio or porch with beautiful showy hanging basket begonias that come in an assortment of colors from pink, red, yellow, white or orange.

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