palmetto grass


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Palmetto St. Augustine grass is adapted to moist, coastal areas with mild winter temperatures. It is known to be tolerant of high summer temperatures, and St.

Calculate delivery cost. Palmetto St. Augustine is widely known for it’s superior cold & drought tolerance. With a slightly finer texture than other St. Augustine types, Palmetto St. Augustine will grow in a variety of soil types and climate conditions.

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Palmetto St. Augustine Lawn Grass Plugs – Palmetto St Augustine Lawn Grass Plugs – In coastal regions, life is filled with sun, fun and salt air.While these elements can make for a great weekend, they are often too much for some grass varieties to take.

Palmetto St. Augustine generally has a more attractive color and a texture that is finer than other types of St. Augustine grasses. Palmetto has demonstrated a tolerance to drought, shade, heat, frost, and cold.

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St. Augustine grass (stenotaphrum secundatum) is a warm-season lawn grass that is popular. 'Palmetto' – released in the mid-1990s. A smaller, lighter green.

Palmetto grass, a cultivar of St. Augustine turf, is prized for its ability to grow in partially shady areas of the lawn. Unfortunately, Palmetto grass experiences problems when subjected to high foot traffic.

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Palmetto St. Augustine is the most sold patented turfgrass in the world with more than 1 Billion square feet sold. Selected for better color and finer texture. palmetto demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance.

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