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Clumping Bamboo. Bamboo has a very bad reputation in Australia because in the past, gardeners planted invasive running species such as golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea). Victor Cusack, of Bamboo World at Wadeville in New South Wales, told Don that bamboo does not really deserve its bad image.

The #1 Privacy Hedge that you should not plant - Bamboo Quindembo Bamboo Nursery on Hawaii island – non invasive. – ELITE BAMBOOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD privacy screen – wind break – ornamental – edible – construction . Quindembo Bamboo began importing non-invasive bamboos through the State Quarantine to Hawaii in 1989.

A clumping bamboo perfect for use as a hedge or screening plant, it has the great benefit of its non-invasive root system and robust size. This exciting new bamboo holds up well in the heat and humidity of the Southeastern U. S., unlike other Fargesia types.

Jennifer Baehne & Sherry and Ralph Boas 352-429-2425 email:[email protected] . Clumpers or Runners ?Which is best for you? One of the first things to decide when you are thinking about planting bamboo is whether to get clumping bamboo or running bamboo.

Clumping Vs Running Bamboos. Clumping bamboos are generally tropicals and are non-invasive. They grow in a habit similar to bananas. The shoots emerge in a.

Clumping bamboos are generally tropicals and are non-invasive. They grow in a habit similar to bananas. The shoots emerge in a tight or open habit – depending on the species. Regardless of the degree of openness of each species’ clumping habit, none of the clumpers are considered invasive.

This bamboo variety is non-aggressive and non-invasive. It won’t run all over your yard like "running" bamboos. It "clumps", meaning it’s much easier to maintain.

Picture of a 4-year old Kanapaha’, approximately 20ft. tall. As the plant matures, the lower 1/2 will be branchless, showing off the beautiful, large-diameter bluish canes.

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Bambusa Is A Non-Invasive, Clumping Bamboo. Prices Subject To Change Without Notice – Inquire About Current Availability . Bambusa burmanica (Burma Bamboo) This bamboo from Burma and Thailand features lots of large leaves. When young it is a rather bushy bamboo, with some thorny lower branches.

Non-invasive and Grove-forming bamboos for the Deep South and beyond!

What We Do. Bamboo World is a production nursery and gardens, with over 20 years experience in non-invasive, clumping bamboo. We ship containerised non-invasive bamboo plants to private and trade customers in most states of Australia, maintaining high standards of value and quality.

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