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Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, was born on 12 February 1809 in Kentucky. He was assasinated in Ford’s Theater on 14 April 1865. Steven emailed the following about this rose: ‘Mister Lincoln,’ though vigorous with a powerful damask perfume, is susceptible to blackspot on certain occasions.

FRAGRANT Red Mister Lincoln Rose – homedepot.com – Nearly 3-years after it won the AARS, Mister Lincoln is still considered by many rose experts the best red rose ever. 1 look shows you why — the dark red blooms are suffused with rich color and have the classic hybrid tea form, high-centered and symmetrical.

Have you browsed through your favorite gardening catalog or website looking for the newest roses to plant in your garden and wondered whether it would be best to.

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Mister Lincoln A historic American milestone in red roses that’s still hard to beat. The large pointed buds and rich red well-formed blooms have a velvety quality that you must feel to believe.

Mister Lincoln is hands down our favorite rose of all time. We have had one for 12 years and it is still producing beautiful long stem roses, albeit not as many. We continuously add and replace them in our new and existing gardens.

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Sedona, Firefighter, Mr Lincoln, Chrysler Imperial ect Hybrid Tea Roses.  Part 3 Edmunds’ Roses – Rose Bushes | Garden Rose. – Rose bushes, shrub roses, tree roses and rose tools and care products available online at Edmunds’ Roses

Rose ‘Mister Lincoln’, Hybrid Tea Roses Rich of a strong damask scent, Rosa ‘Mister Lincoln’ is a striking hybrid tea rose with very large, double, velvet wine-red flowers, up to 5 in. across (12 cm), having as many as 26-40 petals.

The Mr. Lincoln hybrid tea rose is a classic rose with sweet-smelling multiple petaled blooms on long stems. It is a durable rose bush that will grow in most parts of the US.