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“Golden Goddess” (Bamboo multiplex “Golden Goddess”) and “Big Leaf bamboo” (indocalamus tessellatus) work well when grown in containers in USDA Zones 8b through 11. Japanese iris (Iris ensata).

BAMBUSA MULTIPLEX 'GOLDEN GODDESS' – Bamboo for Texas. – Golden Goddess. 10′ to 15′ tall, " dia culms, good to 12 degrees Fahrenheit . Multiplex is the hardiest of the Bambusa. Each node bears a large number of branches down to the culm base making a dense hedge.

The Golden Goddess Bamboo is a clumping cultivar is a great residential landscaping plant, that will add an amazing golden color year round. Ty Ty Nursery’s low prices make planting the permanent privacy fence a whole lot cheaper. Call 888-758-2252.

GOLDEN GODDESS BAMBOO Bambusa multiplex golden goddess Can grow 6-12 feet with 1/4" diameter canes. Very Hardy. CLICK photo for more pictures. This delicate-leafed hedge bamboo is a great choice for a smaller lot, or for those seeking a container plant for patios or poolside planting.

Bambusa multiplex Golden Goddess is a tropical clumping bamboo great for a small hedge or specimen plant. This species should only be planted in climate zone 8 and above. Slow form a privacy screen, but for most installations a control barrier is not necessary.

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Golden Goddess is the perfect bamboo to provide a compact living fence as long as you live in a mild climate where temperatures don’t go below 15 degrees. If that’s the case, then we suggest starting with 3-gallon size plants and planting them six feet apart and about three feet away from your fenceline.

He likes the running black bamboo but uses it only in containers. Monrovia, a brand name of plants sold extensively at local garden centers and nationwide, markets several new clump-forming bamboos,

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Save golden goddess bamboo to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results. Price refinements – Carousel.. Bamboo Golden Goddess 3g Bambusa Multiplex 3-4′ Tall Austin TX Pickup Only NICE! $55.00. Free local pickup.

Golden Goddess Bamboo. With and average height of 10 feet, this bamboo's canes are thin and densely packed. It makes a perfect choice for hedges that can .

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Golden Goddess ‘Bambusa Multiplex’ Bamboo. The perfect non-invasive bamboo for smaller gardens, Golden Goddess has a well-mannered clumping form that can be easily maintained at under 8 feet tall. A fantastic container or screen plant with a graceful, arching form ideal for an exotic tropical or Asian garden effect.