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Get to Know Colocasia/Elephant Ear - Part Sun-Loving Plants Planting Elephant Ears – Knowledgebase Question – garden.org – Elephant Ear is a non-hardy plant in cold winter areas, so it needs to be dug and stored each winter. It does well in sun or partial shade and requires a rich, evenly moist soil. It grows quickly each summer and provides an outstanding tropical look to the garden.

In about 3-4 weeks, a shoot appears and the leaves resembling an elephant ear appear. Watering. This versatile yam is a beautiful plant that grows very well in partial sun/ semi-shade conditions..

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Plant in full sun and fertilize monthly using a complete fertilizer. The duranta, crotons, sanchezia, ti plant, and elephant ears can even take a little shade. ou can still plant warm-season crops,

ELEPHANT EAR CARE. High drama and bold texture are the signature benefits of showcasing alocasias in a garden or container. Growing elephant ears is simple – they like filtered sun or shade and rich, moist soil.

 · Elephant ears can survive in a site that receives full sun or partial shade, depending on the area, weather and water supply. In cool and wet climates, full sun isn’t as harsh as in hotter or.

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Longfield gardens offers colocasia bulbs, also known as elephant ears. Choose from several unique and attractive varieties with dramatic foliage. Good for garden or containers in sun or part shade.

How to Plant Elephant Ears | Garden Guides – Planting elephant ear bulbs in a garden. Plant bulbs in late spring when soil temperatures are more than 55 degrees. Select firm bulbs without blemishes or signs of fungus or insect damage. Choose a spot with full sun or light shade. The more sun your elephant ear plant receives, the brighter its color will be.

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It was and still is growing in full sun. and plant in the well-prepared beds about 6-inches deep. The blooms resemble a pineapple and are ever so tropical looking and partner well with canna lilies.

Elephant Ears grow well in soil with good drainage, and thrive in sun or shade. They are also at home indoors in pots. If you’re looking for a plant to fill a large area, Elephant Ears are ideal. Plant bulbs blunt end down beneath 2 inches of soil. Fertilize and water regularly.

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