crassula campfire

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The nursery is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Crassula capitella Campfire’ has foliage that is primarily scarlet when mature, to the accompaniment of some green and gold. Campfire’ is.

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Crassula coccinea Campfire is a brilliantly colored plant. The bright green, narrow leaves shoot upwards turning crimson red like a burning fire. The striking contrast and shape of this succulent makes is stand out.

(20cmABcD) Crassula capitella 'Campfire'. brilliant red sculptured foliage. A branchy succulent with dramatic, fleshy propeller-like leaves that mature from light.

Crassula capitella "Campfire" Origin: South Africa Flower: Clusters of white flowers Description: Beautiful, branching succulent with propeller shaped leaves that grows up to about 9-10 inches.

Crassula capitella (Campfire Plant ) – Indoor House Plants – Crassula capitella (Campfire Plant) is an ornamental, succulent houseplant. It grows up to a height of about 6 inches tall and up to 3 feet wide. It has fleshy propeller-shaped leaves with a glossy texture that mature from light green to bright red.

Crassula coccinea ‘Campfire’: A small branched plant that has long leaves that can be a brilliant red at certain times of the year. Plenty of sun will help it stay colorful. Given time this can become a large plant if left to grow.

Crassula capitella, called campfire plant is a succulent from South Africa. Leaves arranged in rosettes. The green leaves turn reddish in the sun. Product information Shipping Information View shipping rates and policies: manufacturer exotic Plants.

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"The Flame" Crassula Jade Campfire 4" Potted Plant (126 ratings) Rate first, then write a review. Denise Verified Purchaser Feb 23rd, 2019. It came all in tacked. It was a little banged up up. The plant is growing. I’ve watered it once.

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