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Bromeliads are members of the Bromeliacae family and are a distant, colorful cousin to the pineapple and Spanish moss. Bromeliads are naturally grown in tropical rainforests, clinging to trees, rocks or the ground. Kent’s Bromeliad Nursery has cultivated over 100 varieties in the U.S. at its growing facilities.

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Guzmanias have oh so colorful flowers & are easy care houseplants. This 1 is popular because of its large, star shaped bloom. What sets it aside from many of the other bromeliads is that it is.

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Guzmania (tufted airplant) is a genus of over 120 species of flowering plants in the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Tillandsioideae. They are mainly stemless, evergreen , epiphytic perennials native to Florida , the West Indies , southern Mexico , Central America , and northern and western south america .

Growing Guzmania Bromeliads The guzmania plant can also be grown in a container and is known as a prized houseplant in areas outside of its native region. To pot a guzmania, put some small decorative stones or pieces of pottery in the bottom of a ceramic or terra cotta pot.

Bromeliad Guzmania provides long-lasting color for interior plantings and shady patios. This is a relatively low maintenance plant, and can grow as a potted plant or mounted onto ornamental driftwood or stems.

How to grow a Bromeliad "Guzmania" plant care guide. How to identify, water, feed, and propagate the flowering, succulent bromeliad plant. See a picture, read .

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Guzmania (tufted airplant) is a genus of over 120 species of flowering plants in the botanical. ISBN 1405332964. ^ Flora of North America, Guzmania Ruiz & Pvon, Flora Peruviana. 3: 37. 1802. ^ "The Colors of Guzmania Bromeliads". Manila Bulletin.

How to Grow Bromeliad Houseplants | Today's Homeowner – How to Grow Bromeliad Houseplants. For indoor color and interesting foliage, it’s hard to beat bromeliads.. Guzmania, and Neoregelia. The most common potted bromeliads have brilliantly colored flower spikes atop strappy foliage in all colors, including stripes and spots.

Called Bromeliads, the key characteristics of these plants is that they can be potted or survive attached to a host plant without causing the host plant harm. Guzmania lingulata is a native of Middle and South America.