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crepe myrtle growth rate


Contents Fast. average landscape size Crape myrtles. germplasm Crape myrtle. depending Australia dynamite crepe Crape Myrtle- Lagerstroemia indica is a deciduous tree that blooms in Summer(some ealry, some late) and comes in pinks, reddish, lavender and white. It is small for a tree only reaching about 20 feet here in SoCal. 40 feet is common […]

geranium annual or perennial


Contents Annuals hardy perennials geraniums Easily recognized annuals Geranium sylvaticum 'amy doncaster&#39 Dwarf garden geraniums grow 10-18 inches tall with 4-6 inch flower-heads. Round. Perennial in mild winter areas, and can be grown as annual everywhere. The geraniums you see in all the garden centers,the scented ones,(pelargoniums or zonal geraniums) the ones that die in […]

is coleus a perennial


Contents Veined pattern. veined shade-loving Nighttime temperatures remain Potted plants. sow Fine seed starting soil. Category Coleus, Shade-Loving with veined pattern. veined shade-loving coleus is a colorful foliage plant that grows well in warm weather. Wait until nighttime temperatures remain well above freezing to plant it outdoors. Grow it in landscape beds or add it […]

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